Who is Jesus Christ?

We often hear the name Jesus Christ, or Christ Jesus but it’s not really what most people think. As a kid I had the naive thought that Jesus’s full name was Jesus Christ being that Christ was his surname. It makes sense because we often refer to him by this, or Jesus of Nazareth.  However, this is incorrect. Christ is a title, much like Messiah, King, Lord, or other aristocratic sundries – just much, much greater. Christ is derived from the Ancient Greek word Cristos which means “the anointed one” or “the chosen”. And Jesus is the chosen one. Only Jesus could be crucified, dead, and raised again – and redeem me, redeem you, redeem all of us and sit at the right hand of the Father and do this for all. Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah! This is the truth about Easter! The Truth Of our Lord and Savior! This is our new life with Christ – salvation which only He can bless us with! He is the chosen, the anointed.  Who else could suffer under Pontius Pilate? Who else could carry the weight of the cross? Who else could allow themselves to be nailed to the cross? Because Jesus could have stopped them at any time, God the Father could have intervened, but they allowed it to happen. Who else could come back to life and move that stone and the people rejoice that He Has Risen? You? Me? Of course not. It’s the Chosen One, our Messiah… Jesus Christ.