The Messiness of Life

Life is messy. In fact, it’s arguably intended to be so. However, there are several different types of messiness, some can be favorable while others weigh you down. Yet, more times than not the mess that shackles us is the mess we tend to think we cannot do without. I remember an episode of “Modern Family” where an ocd character named Claire is struggling to get a perfect family picture. The family is decked out head to toe in white clothes, a pretty backdrop with family quarrels in abundance. The sprinklers go off, and mud is everywhere. The bickering comes to a head and then – a mud fight breaks out. The photographer is still there waiting to snap the family portrait. Claire is upset at first but then realizes this is perfect. Her mess isn’t the physical mess, not the white clothes smeared in mud. Her mess is trying to perfect everything and realizing that the natural mess is in itself beautiful. In what is hard to deal with at times, the mess – can be where our growth is, where memories are made. Everyone has a family portrait in white clothes with a beautiful backdrop- but not many have a family portrait in mud. The mud makes the better picture.

However, there’s messiness that holds us back. Bad habits, addiction, trust issues… the list is never-ending. Life happens and it brings us to these things time and time again. We can repeat this dysfunction time and time again. We all face adversity. You can imagine three pots of boiling water. One with an egg, one with a potato and one with coffee grounds. If you leave all three in those pots respectfully for 30 minutes and return, you’ll be surprised. All three: the egg, the potato, and the coffee are all subjected to the same adversity. However, the egg gets hard, the potato gets soft and the coffee transforms the water. We all face adversity. Let God take your mess and make something beautiful.