The Error of Familiarity

We pray to God often thinking that any and all requests will be fulfilled. As we face perils and strife we do not approach God with humility but deem that he comes forth with to provide us what we want. We ask for change but only on our terms. If we are honest, we don’t want to leave the toxic situation we are familiar with. And if any change at all is the slightest bit inconvenient we forget it all together.

Picture yourself in raging waters and any issues we have (bad experiences, lack of faith in God, etc.) are baggage tied to you. They are pulling you down into the perilous waters. We need to lose the baggage, but it’s uncomfortable to let go of what is familiar to us. Isn’t it better to let go of our familiar baggage and embrace the unfamiliar freedom God offers us? May we not let our past sins, failures, or habits drag us down. May we trust the God who is able to save us from the perilous waters that surround.