Thankfulness in Hardship

It is tough to remind ourselves to be thankful even in the hard times. Often, we want to complain and feel bad for ourselves. We long for others to sympathize with us. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we should also find a way to maintain a thankful heart. We need to trust that God works everything out for our good. Our character develops in hardships and how we rise above them.

We cannot control everything that comes our way – illness, accidents, natural disasters, loss of employment – these are things that are often out of our control. Still, God has blessed us with free will. While we may not be able to prevent adversity, we have a choice to either be a victim or someone who chooses to trust the Lord and persevere.

We often question why things happen – but maybe that isn’t always the best question. Sometimes we have to exercise our faith even when we don’t have answers. This is especially true when we lose a loved one or face incredible adversity. Trusting in God is incredibly important in those moments. He built our shoulders, and He knows how much weight they can bear. He doesn’t want us to carry our burdens on our own. When we put our faith in Him, we find that He can take some of the weight off of our shoulders and put them on His.

We are like children. We always want to know why. But just like children can’t understand all of the things their parents do, we need to trust that God is way wiser than we can ever imagine. The things that would stress us out are completely under His control. He knows what is best for us, and why things happen the way they do. We need to understand that His decisions are perfect and we need to choose to trust Him with our whole hearts. Let’s be thankful that He has given us every breath we take!

This post was written by Kristin Flynn. It is a reflection on the service from 12/10.

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