Receiving Surprises Well

The thing about surprises is that they can be good or bad. The point of a surprise is that you don’t know what it is. You may plan to marry someone and grow old with them but you split up. Or you could plan to stay in your position for a year but you get a promotion in 6 months. Not all surprises are good, not all of them are bad. Divorce, death, unemployment or health – these are all surprises as well. But there are surprises like small gifts, births, winning tickets, trips, or parties. Even though we consider these surprises, they are all still part of God’s plan. They are all blessings, even the ones we consider bad. With God there really are no surprises, it’s just us that feel surprised.
Perhaps the fact that life is full of surprises should give us pause when we try to make demands on how God should bless us. Our goals and blessings are what we think we deserve. It would be better if we have the mindset that we aren’t worthy of anything. Maybe this will help us receive both the good and the bad in a way that honors God.
For instance, the person you don’t like at work is in your life for a reason. Perhaps to teach us to be kind to those who we think don’t deserve it. Treating them well is easier said than done.  Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when we pay for patience and he doesn’t just make us patient but gives us the opportunity to be patient. He doesn’t fail us, he always delivers. Perhaps he doesn’t deliver in ways we anticipated. Maybe we interpret life like he has he let us down, but he hasn’t. We just need to see the bigger picture and see more than just what we chose to focus on.