No Ledger Books Here

When relationships become a ledger of pluses and minuses you are in serious trouble. Retaliation is perhaps one of the most grievous sins. It’s the anger that poisons our hearts and sound judgment, souring our life and missing out on some of the greatest blessings because we pour so much thought into our brand of righteousness and hurting those who have sinned against us. It is in these moments we become spiritually impoverished and it spreads like an infection, anger moving from person to person and never stops.

We can’t control what happens to us. Life will happen and bad things will happen to us, but even though we cannot control what happens to us, we have control over how we respond to things that happen to us. We can’t control if or when we are victimized, but we have a choice if we will be a victim or a survivor. It is not up to us the right the wrongs against us or to heal our own wounds. It is for us to surrender to Him and let God heal our wounds, to bring the absolute justice. It’s his providence that allows us to have the greatest joy, and that is what we should be focusing on – not unscrupulous acts of others, or our own deceitful acts that we justify in our heads – which causes us to be alone, and emotionally and spiritually impoverished.

I choose joy. His providence is all I need.