A Million Little Choices

Every day we make hundreds of little choices. We say yes and no to things as trivial from decaf to espresso, salads to burgers, heels or flats, tie or no tie. We make larger decisions as well.  Do we rent or own? Do we forgive or hold on to our anger? Some of the choices are easy. Others are soul churning. Some we choose to make, and others we are obligated. But every choice is a step to who we are, and who we have yet to become. But how many of these choices are not focused on us? Perhaps some are for others and their benefit. But how many of our decisions are for God? How many of those choices do we really pray about beforehand?  Now imagine if we had done something different like including God in the choices we make. What do you think your life would look like? Would it be like your life now? Would it be more humble? Would it be as flashy?  Who would you be if God was included in every choice you make?