and what we can learn from them

If you’re like me, interruptions in your day can be frustrating. A coworker stops to talk in the hall, your kid drops his slushy on your shoe, or you get stopped by a train on your way to work. Seemingly small things like this can alter the course of a good day. Unfortunately, interruptions are a constant part of our lives. That is why we should learn to evaluate them properly as Christians. There are two ways we can evaluate interruptions:

1. Does my response to this interruption reveal any self-centeredness?

Interruptions typically frustrate us because they stop us from accomplishing our tasks. However, this should cause us to stop and consider whether or not our tasks are in line with God’s plans for us. If something is His will, we can trust that He will help us accomplish it regardless of the obstacles.

2. Is God using this interruption for good?

Sometimes God uses interruptions to teach us valuable lessons or give us an opportunity to love and serve others. Instead of getting frustrated we should strive to consider how we can turn interruptions into opportunities for ministry.

So, the next time you get frustrated by an interruption, stop and evaluate the situation with these questions.

This post is a reflection from the sermon “Roids: Week VIII” by Pastor Shane. If you weren’t able to be with us on Sunday or would like to listen to the message again, you can check it out here.