To everything there is a season

There is something magical about fall. The crisp air that entices us to grab a cup of warm cider, the radiant beauty of all the different colored leaves leaving us breathless, but most of all the realization of the transition that is being signaled through all the beauty that is displayed during this season. This transition leads to cold bitter nights, bare trees and withered grass, and ultimately death; death of the past so that upon the arrival of spring new life can be born.

Transition for many people can be a scary thing. It can fill us with fear of the unknown, yet, I believe as children of God transition is a time for excitement, a time to be filled with wonder and amazement of what the Lord will bring. Fall exemplifies how the Lord fills transition with beauty while all the while everything is dying. Leaves and plants have to die in order to bloom again. Sometimes as Christians, I believe we choose not to let things die in our lives or even allow events to occur because we are too fearful of what it may cost or what we may lose, never thinking about the riches that could possibly come through it.

There are many transitions a person will encounter during their lifetime; the transitioning of age, careers, family, health, and spiritual, to name a few. When these transitions are guided by God, oh how full of riches they are, but when they are guided by us they can be the very event that destroys us. So what are some transitions the Lord is guiding you towards? Is He leading you to a healthier lifestyle? Are you willing to put down the sweets and pick up the weights? Or how about a stronger and deeper walk with the Lord? Will you put facebook and television aside to read and pray more? Sometimes it can be something a little more complicated like wither you should leave your job to go back to school or go for a promotion. Before we move forward or toward whatever transition the Lord may be guiding us to we must first put to death all the fear, doubt, and anxiety and trust the One who will never let us go and allow for the new to be born.

– Angelica Bell